Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dust off the old blog

Two things that are true about me:

1. I have never been good at keeping a journal/diary.

The thing that is funny about this is that the first blog post I ever wrote was almost exactly one year ago. Every diary from my childhood has the following: A promise to be a diligent daily writer followed by 6 pages of drivel, 300 blank pages and a final page confessing how lazy I had been at keeping my promise. Here's to hoping this is not the "final page"

2. My behavior is seasonal.

I get this crazy cooking/cleaning/exercise/eat right/look good bug right around every turn of the season. Yesterday was the first day my symptoms manifested and today was no better. Here is the current list of symptoms observed thus far:

My house is spic and span - as it clean as it as been since the turn to winter.
I made Jonathan go on a 3 mile walk with me yesterday.
I applied self-tanning lotion today.
I went to Old Navy and purchased a few cute tops.

I am marinating chicken and....
I baked a Plum Cake Tatin.

Oh. My. God.

Truth be told, the Tatin is the reason for this post. The second I plated it and sprinkled confectioners sugar on top I grabbed the camera and my laptop and thought, "the world must see this."

So here it is world. The Tatin... the tempting Plum Cake Tatin. Swoon.

Please note the caramelized sugar that rests atop the fresh juicy plums that rest atop the moist sweet cake that rests atop the warm juicy plum syrup that has pooled on the plate.

Recipe courtesy of Ina Garten herself. Find the recipe on

The crazy cooking/cleaning/exercise/eat right/look good bug has clearly not set in completely.

....Unless you consider that I am about to grab that Tatin and eat right now.


Jen said...

1) I MUST HAVE that octopus shirt. Why isn't it on the Old Navy website? I MUST HAVE it!

2) That cake looks so freaking delicious I can't stand it.

3) I want you to come clean my house.

4) I'd like to think that your return to your blog was also posted by my Facebook comment that subtly hinted that you should start blogging again.


Jen said...

Follow up: I don't like that there's a space between items two and three and I also don't like that I wrote "posted" instead of "prompted."