Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Night on the Town

ETA: I must confess that I started this post over 2 weeks ago but have been too lazy to finish and post it. Pretty sad... but here it is - finally.

So after a few weeks of no posts I must confess that I just didn't have anything to say. I mean of course I said a thousand things since the 8th of April, but noting that I thought the internet would want to hear. That was until Thursday.

On Thursday my dear friend Mallory came up to visit me and to hear my bitch about things. Over dinner, Mallory mentioned her displeasure with my recent lack of posts - which of course surprised me as I didn't realize I had such loyal readership.

So to pacify one of my favorite commenters here is a new post:

So that is the view Mallory and I shared over fried calamari at Shuckers last Thursday. Unfortunately what you do not get from this photo is maritime music that was being blasted over another ship's sound system on the other side of the pier, the jingling of twenty dog collars and the laughter of the tables around us. I am not much of a city girl but I really do enjoy having an evening out in Fell's Point.

So after my tasty dinner of fried calamari and steamed shrimp and Mal's semi-tasty cheesesteak and onion rings we walked around the square and visited a couple of the trendy shops like Su Casa, where we drooled over chic home furnishings and funny coffee table books like this little gem.

Of course no evening out with me would be complete with out sine type of dessert to finish out the night. Maggie Moos was an obvious choice until we noticed the glimmering silver lids beckoning to us from Pitango Gelato. OH! And my what a great choice. While it was a little bit pricey it was definitely worth the expense. I enjoyed a small swirl of dark chocolate and almond gelatos. Wow. So. Delicious.

In fact, while we savored our creamy desserts we found a quaint park bench in the square where we sat and reminisced about years past and reveled in each others friendship. It was so nice to spend a girls night out on the town - but of course we were shocked back into reality when we returned back home to the blaring sound of video games. Have no doubt however, that we joined right into the fun while wailing on the plastic guitars in Rock Band.

A perfect night in my opinion.


Mallory said...

i love you.

i think that this should happen weekly.

BJ said...


I plan on reading your blog a lot, so you better find some time each day to put down your thoughts. Hugs.