Sunday, April 6, 2008

On My Wish List: Spring Time Edition

1. Rain Rain Go Away - Sky Umbrella from With all of the rainy days we have had lately the bright blue sky inside this umbrella would keep me far from gloomy.

2. Sloggers Garden Clogs in kiwi from Sloggers Garden Outfitters. Of course I need another pair of shoes! These clogs fit the bill for all my outdoor needs - especially once we get the garden started.

3. Flower Bulbs available at Brecks. Despite the one hyacinth growing in the front yard our property is mostly devoid of color. I desperately want to plant perennial flower bulbs in every bare patch of dirt we have.

4. Eastern Red Bud Tree available through the Arbor Day Foundation. While we are planting things I think it would be well worth it to plant a few red buds in the yard. We have plenty of space for these medium sized trees and the blooms in the April are indescribably gorgeous. These trees have been among my favorite for some time.

5. Fresh Glass Vase in aqua and spring green from Target. With all the blooms I plan on having this spring and summer I will need a new container to house them. This springy vase is lovely and easily available.

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Jen said...

I LOVE that umbrella - we've been having rainy days too, although the storms come and go pretty quickly so blue skies aren't usually far away. Plus, you never no when one will strike so I keep an umbrella on my all the time. It would be hard to keep that one in my bag =(