Friday, March 21, 2008

Mailboxes and Shopping Carts: An Afternoon in the Yard

So... someone has been stealing our Netflix recently. I have a theory about this.... bear with me:

cool movies available on line + free delivery = netflix subscription to 3624

old mailbox + shoddy hinge mechanism = perpetually open mail box

High school near by = lots of foot traffic + rowdy kids


perpetually open mailbox (netflix subscription to 3624) + high school nearby = DVD sales in homeroom

I should mention here that I have no proof that the breakfast club has been stealing my psychological thrillers and romantic comedies but thats my hunch and I am sticking with it.

In any case, we needed to do something about the theft problem so we drove over to Lowe's today and picked up a spiffy new mailbox. It is quite a bit larger than the old mailbox and is equipped with a handy dandy locking mechanism and a slot for the mail that no hands can fit through! (... well maybe a kindergartener could do it but like I said I live near a high school... no worries) So we have been working on installing that today... much fun. I should clarify. Jonathan spent time installing ... I spent time chasing the cat up trees.

Also, while Jonathan was hard at work taking measurements I was spying on the neighbors. I was spying on the neighbors under the guise of chasing the cat up trees... very stealthy, right? So anyway... what I spied with my little eyes was a mass of shopping carts stolen from the local grocery store piled up in their backyard. They were all stacked up, just like you'd see at Walmart behind the sweet little old men who hand out stickers. There were at least 10 of them back there!

OK... so why do I care?... why do you care? Well you might not... but I have been pissed the last couple of times that I went to the market because there were no shopping carts near the door. And here my neighbors are, corralling buggies behind their house with (apparently) no intent to return them so that the rest of the world can shop for dinner without putting on a balancing act with cans of corn for the stock boys.

Anyway, the moral of the story here is that I am surrounded by thieves! Okay, so that might be a stretch, but you catch my drift.


jonathan said...

I like to give a shout out for the finished mailbox that, despite her modesty, nikki did indeed sand and stain.

Mailbox photos

Mallory said...

Did you need to call a fire truck to get the cat out of the tree?