Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Sunday

Unlike most Easters previous, I spent the majority of the day with Jonathan in the basement. We finally moved some of the plumbing that was inconveniently located along the center of the ceiling and because the pipes were old one of the connections was leaking and leaving an unpleasant rust colored stain on our new tile.

So instead of my usual hunting for plastic eggs in Pecatonica, I was hunting for PVC connectors in the basement.


I did, however, manage to squeeze two Easter traditions out of the day:

1. I ate cheesy potatoes. Mmm... my aunt's recipe that was an Easter brunch staple. I was excited to make it because the recipe is a favorite, but also because the recipe is in my mom handwriting, which I don't get to see much of anymore. Creating the meal was a nice walk down memory lane.

2. Jonathan and I dyed Easter eggs. It was quite an ordeal to get this done today by the way. First of all, we didn't have eggs... so I went out to buy some. Then we didn't have vinegar... so we went out to buy some. Then we didn't have water (the water was turned off so that we could replace the pipes) ... so we went out to buy some. We hardboiled the eggs and then set up the de station... when i realized I didn't have any food coloring!... I did howeer have some Wilton frosting dyes, so we tried that. Umm... my suggestion is not to do that in the future. The resulting masterpieces looked like this:

Happy Easter!


jonathan said...

Ahem... I think those eggs look (and taste) amazing.

Mallory said...

they look goood! nice job kids!